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Hi Guys, After few days i’m Here to write a review of PopAds.net – A Pop Under Ad Network which pays a highest rate. PopAds.net is one of the Best Pop Under Ad Network in the industry. It’s a simple advertising network for bloggers, website owners, PopAds is a CPV (Cost per View)  based ad network. They pay for visitors. For your visitors don’t need to click on anything, whenever they will go to your site, you will get paid.

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They also offer the highest CPV rates in the industry, which can go up to $6 (for 1000 ad views) depending upon visitors geographic location.

Is PopAds.net Scam Network

Many people think Popads.net is a scam, So here i’m writing this review to clear their doubt. Few day back i have signed up with popads.net to test out this ad network. And placed code in one of our high traffic blog. I am already running many ad networks and also added extra pop under ad. In just 3 days, We earned $10+ only from popads.net. You can find bellow our Payment Proof.

Requirement And Restrictions:

There Is No Such Specific Requirement To Get Approval For PopMyAds. Like Popcash.Net & PopMyads.Net. PopAds also accept all types of sites including adult sites, Non-Adult Content Sites, Sub Domain Sites Etc. Just signup into their network and start earning money from your site.

Payment Process

They pays a good CPV rate. The best thing of popads.net is they pays their publishers daily via Paypal and Payoneer. Payoneer support was added a couple of weeks ago. Their minimum payout is only $5, So you don’t need to wait to have minimum 100$, not even 50$, not even 25$, not even 10$ in your Popads.net account.  You can request to withdraw your earned money anytime you want. or set for automatic payment. When you earn $5 then popads automatically send your earning. After requesting payment this will take time upto 8-9 hours.

PopAds payment

Payment Proof

I received payment from popads.net many times, And PopAds have also option for auto withdraw, So when you reach minimum payment threshold then they will send you payment. you don’t need to manually ask for payment. Now We are recieving payment from PopAds every week on monday automatically on Paypal. Here is the screenshot of popads payment proof.

popads payment proof


On Which Types Of Sites You Can Use PopAds

If you have a high quality content based site then its not a good idea to show pop up ads. But If you have a high traffic blog, website then you can use popads.net. Pop Up ads works well on freebies site.

How Much You Earn From PopAds

PopAds pays a good rate, But PopAds.net earning is depend on traffic, type of traffic, country. Specially if you are getting traffic from USA, UK, Canada, Australia then you will see amazing CPV rate. But they also pays good rate in another countries. Their average CPM rate is $1.50.

PopAds Pros

  • Popular ad network with high Alexa rank.
  • No minimum traffic requirements.
  • Accepts world-wide traffic.
  • $5 minimum payout.
  • High CPM rate – around $6 for US visitors. Average – $1.50.
  • Accepts any website – even subdomains and blogs.
  • Adult traffic also accepted.
  • Good CPM rates.

PopAds Cons

  • Pop Up/Under ads generally annoys the visitors.
  • Ads are non-relevent to the subject matter of your site.
  • Some countries are not accepted.
PopAds Network Details
Network Type CPM, CPV
Ad types POP UP/under
Payment Methods Paypal, Payoneer
Minimum Payment Threshold $5
Payment frequency Anytime
Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity None
Requirements / Restrictions None
Website URL www.popads.net

What is your thoughts about this pop under ad network, Please let us know through below comment.

CPM Rate
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  1. suggestion please
    For Indian traffic which content is usefull for more earning ???
    ( increasing cpm rate )

  2. I used the Publisher to earn money, and the Advertiser Campaign to make my site famous. The goal is that people will see and click on my site from Advertiser, and the Publisher will give me money. But this didn’t work, I only lost money. Can you help?

  3. popads is so bad i have when i try to withdrawals error You are not allowed to make withdrawals. Please contact support. i ask them thay says I am just asking how are you getting traffic – how do people find your website?
    I looked at your traffic stats and it looks very suspiciously. As long as traffic is suspicious, we will be asking questions. but propellerads noting ask me beause my web traffic is 100% original if popads want to proof i will give you….

  4. Why just can’t you write like this: Hi my name is blah blah and not like this: Hello, My Name Is Blah Blah. IT SO ANNOYING!!!

  5. hello,
    i am useing popads from 3 days i have ad a code in my blog and in my blogs pages views is 28
    but i cant see the any revenue in my popads please tell what is the reason

  6. This network is just a scam, spent 10 bucks for testing purpose and not even a single impression received and the campaign was turned into “out of budget”. Stay away from this network.

  7. If you are looking high payer network then try sisterads, poptm or popads. I recommend http://sisterads.com its cpm rate is higher than poptm and popads. Also you can talk on skype if facing any issues quick live support. If you have good traffic then you can become premium publisher and will be paid daily cpc rate more than $5 for US/CA/AU/UK. GO to sisterads and ignore others

  8. google disabled my adsense and also media.net know. my blog page views 1 lac per day . so how much i earn from my blog

  9. Dear Sir,
    I am totally new in this line. Few days ago I inserted Bidviser ads in my blog. But it redirect to another page. So google blocked my site. I applied for reconsideration and they approved. Now I am using Popads in my blog. But when click on a post link, it redirects to another page and ads open. May google block my site again for this behaviour ? Pls let me know whether I should keep the Popads in my site or not.

    • Hi Hrishi, ya this time google blocking sites that use web n mobile redirection method. And many ad networks also using this technique to make extra money. so beware of them, And if you are going to use popads then contact popads team and ask to never use redirection method, only show simple popup.

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