Hi Guys, Today I’m going to tell you some popup /Pop Under Advertising networks to increase your blog revenue. Today’s Pop Up Advertising run everywhere on the net, specially run on on Freebies Sites, entertainment sites, movies downloading, torrent sites etc.

Pop Up Ads are generally new web browser windows to display advertisements. The pop-up window containing an advertisement is usually generated by JavaScript using cross-site scripting (XSS), sometimes with a secondary payload using Adobe Flash.

A variation on the pop-up window is the Pop Under Ads, which opens a new browser window hidden under the active window. Pop-unders do not interrupt the user immediately and are not seen until the covering window is closed, making it more difficult to determine which web site opened them.

Pop Up and Pop Under ad networks pay for CPA and CPM and very occasionally on PPC. 

Remember that freebie websites are good for placing pop-unders ads, these ads aren’t suitable for business sites, Tech blogs etc.

List Of Best PopUp / Pop-Under Ad Networks

#1. PopAds

PopAds.net is one of the Best Pop Under Advertising network in the industry. PopAds offers a rate that depends on visitor traffic and website content. So the financial and insurance websites pull in a higher rate for pop-under ads than many freebie sites etc. Click Here to Read my Full Review of PopAds

popads popunder network

Benefits OF PopAds.Net

  • No minimum traffic requirements.
  • approval requirements-Accepts world-wide traffic.
  • $5 minimum payout.
  • High CPM rate – around $4 for US visitors.
  • Average CPM– $1.50.
  • Accept Both Family Safe and Adult Sites.

#2. PopCash

Popcash is one of the best paying popup network which pays high rates and don’t disturb your visitors,no need to click on ad,ad will automatically open in side window,and you will get paid. PopCash limits pop-ups to one for one user session and works best for good rates if visitor traffic originates from different developed countries though the network has a good presence globally. Click Here to Read Full Review of PopCash

PopCash review
PopCash review

Benefits OF PopCash.Net

  • Minimum Payout is 10$.
  • Pays daily.
  • Payment methods-paypal,payxum,payza
  • Trusted Network.
  • Accept Both Family Safe and Adult Sites.

#3. Ad-Maven

Ad-Maven founded by the best minds in the Advertising & Security industries, Ad-Maven holds 15 years of experience. Offering a large number of monetization methods (such as Popup, Popunder, Banners, lightbox, interstitial, slider and more), Ad-Maven is able to maximize publishers’ revenue and get the highest CPM rates for your entire inventory.

Once you register to our self-serve platform you will be approved immediately and be able to present ads on your website by simply pick your preferred ad type and configure it to any specification you require.

Ad-Maven also enable you to Bypass all ad-block extensions and therefore increase your revenue by another 25%.

Benefits OF Ad-Maven

  • Min Payout – $50
  • Payout Time – bi-weekly / net0 / net30
  • Payment Method: Paypal. Wire, Payoneer

#4. PopMyAds

PopMyAds publisher network works in similar lines. One advantage of using this network is the flexibility to customize the ads as per your liking; with options for controlling parameters like frequency cap, niche, keyword targeting etc. Click Here to Read Full Review of PopMyads

PopMyads review

Benefits OF PopMyads

  • $5 as minimum payout.
  • Almost all sites accepted.
  • Payments processed between 1-7 business days.
  • Pay via Paypal, Bank Wire.
  • No minimum traffic requirement.
  • Accept Both Family Safe and Adult Sites.

#5. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an online advertising platform that presents a Unique way of advertising. Bidvertiser is an advertising system mixed with a bid system, the bidding system gives the publishers the possibility to earn more money from their ad slots. Bidvertiser offer Pop Up ads and several other standard ads. Also used as an Adsense alternative. Click Here to Read Full Review of Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser ad network

 Benefits OF Bidvertisers

  • Minimum Payout- $10 (Paypal) / 100$ (Check) / Wire (500$)
  • Pay you via paypal, check, and wire transfer.

#6. Exoclick

Exolclick is one of the best online CPM based advertising network. Exoclick provide many formats advertizements and also POP UP. This ad program mainly used by xxx adult sites. But they provide every sites types ads. They have ads for dektop as well as mobile devices. Click Here for ExoClick Review With Payment Proof, Earning Report, Pros Cons Explained

ExoClick advertising networks
ExoClick advertising networks

Benefits OF Exoclick

  • Instant activation after joining.
  • Lots of ad formats
  • Ad format available separate for desktop and mobile
  • $20 Minimum payout.
  • Android and iPhone app available.
  • Weekly or monthly payment via Paxum,Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Paypal or WebMoney.

#7. Adonly

Adonly is the good, simple and easy to use advertising ad network. This ad network helps website owners make use of any position to sell ads, especially those that will be hard to sell directly to maximize their profit. Adonly support many payment options and pay 3 times a monthly in date 10, 20 and 30. and the minnimum payout is $10.

AdOnly ad network

Benefits OF Adonly

  • Instant account activation
  • Support many ad formats as well as Popups
  • Minimum threshold is $10.
  • Support Paypal, Payza, Bank transfer, Payoneer as payment options.

#3. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is running one of the best and fast-growing ad platforms. Propeller Ads gives the opportunity to publishers to increase their Website’s daily earnings with a nice and high CPM Rates.
Propellerads support banner advertisement and pop under(onclick) Ads. Their Onclick CPM rate is very good. Click Here to Read Full Review of PropellerAds Network.

Benefits OF PropellerAds

  • Accept content rich blogs, high Alexa ranking (below 400K).
  • $50 Minimum Payout.
  • Paypal / Wire payment method.
  • CPM / CPC Revenue Type.

We Hope, you liked this list of best Pop Under Advertising Companies. Share this list with your blogger friends. 



  1. Personal i use to monetize my traffic Propellerads.I earn a decent cpm rate.But for buying traffic i use webstraffic.eu.I try many campaigns and i get some results.

    • You are Right Ani, i have used globaladmedia.com they offer excellent rates for world wide traffic if you want publish there ads in your site, they are well known edomz.com group company

  2. Hi i am. Looking for best network to generate tech support calls.How’s refirect and which adult netowrk is good?

  3. Hello Bloggers,
    My name is Rahul Co-founder of SisterAds Ad Network. If you like popup ads then i promise no other networks (except few) can pay more than i pay to our publishers. Our Minimum CPM rate is not below $5 and average is $10-15 for US Visitors,for Asian countries like India minimum cpm is $1.
    If you trust this comment at least try once i promise you will be our publisher at the end date of your blogging. Thank you!
    NOTE- I didn`t leave our contact details here because somebody call it spamming, so please search in google.

  4. For pop up and pop-under which types of websites are the best where it would be free from Google banning. as I’ve already noticed pop-up and pop-under networks are generally virus affected. I own a classified website and was using 2 pop-up/pop-under networks(popads.net and popcash.net). yesterday i did notice my website is completely banned from Google and all the all index pages are removed from google SERP. so if Google is banning my website it is completely worthless and it’s too hard to earn from blogging. I know very well apart from CPC AND CPM networks, pop up and pop under networks are paying more.

    So friend kindly suggest me, suppose i need to run pop up/pop under ad networks which types of websites would be the best.

    Looking forward your valuable response

    • Hi David, Thanks for posting comment and asking a good question here. I recommend to use pop under networks on freebies sites, image hosting networks, movies sites or site that are getting lots of traffic. And it has not any affiliate promotion, And never use such networks on technical sites, these ads will destroy your site.

  5. Abhay, this is wonderful tips, great information for the new/upcoming bloggers. Please, I am a newbie in this business, I will enjoy you to be my mentor. I really appreciate you. Thanks

    • Mr. Abhay I need your help I want to run a campaign for tech support virus alert pop under ads so i was thinking for adcash.com according to adcash.com first i have to fund $100 to adcash.com after that the well take 24 hours to activate my Campaign i am little bet afraid if the reject my Campaign. so can you please tell me which is the best network for pop under ads for virus alert pop

  6. Hey Abhay thanks for sharing this valuable post with us, im personally using Revenuehits as a Pop up ad network in my blog, its very amazing rather than others networks.

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