boost AdSense Income Instantly
boost AdSense Income Instantly

Google Adsense is One Of The Leading Advertising Networks In The Whole Internet. Adsense Provides High CPC ( Cost Per Click ) Rates For Publishers To Monetize Their Website With The Best Advertisements To Be Served.

Many Adsense Publishers make millions of dollars only from Adsense. Many of you asking for How much Money they can earn from google Adsense. Here’re the details.

If you are Adsense publisher and want to make money from Adsense. Then here I’m going to show you some PHP scripts that will boost Adsense earning instantly. Yes, and the best thing is these script not violates any google policies.

Basically, these scripts are to make some kind of funny interesting site. Like funny photo site like damnlol, Meme maker site, humor content sharing sites. These type sites are trending today’s.

How You can Boost Adsense Earning From These PHP Scripts:

All These scripts have options to display responsive AdSense ads. And you just have to buy a simple domain name and make gag site with these script and display AdSense ads where you want to display. If you are not comfortable, you can ask to the developer.

After setting up your site, start adding humor content and share on your facebook pages, twitter, and other social media networks. Its much more changes that you receive lots of visitors for humor content. And if you receive visitors then you earn $$$.

Best GAG, MEME, Humor PHP Scripts 


Arwell is a 9gag like, viral media, gag and vine sharing application. It contains an extremely powerful and functional admin panel, where you can manage gags, categories, pages, widgets, users, comments and whole application.

Arwell is greatly documented and built on Laravel 4, Bootstrap 3, jQuery and SASS. It has facebook, twitter, Pinterest and google plus share widgets, supports oAuth login, heavily ajax based, has realtime notifications system, and much more.


5Smile Media

Smile media is an awesome entertainment PHP script. It is a great script to start humor website like 9gag etc. This script is fully responsive and with built-in analytics features for admin. Admin interface in nice and very easy to use.


4Ultimate Meme Script

Ultimate Meme Script is an online viral media Script which lets you upload gags and share it on social media networks. The script comes with meme maker along with 700+ blank meme templates with the ability to add more. This script has some unique feature like user follows system, 2 level commenting system, social media integration, auto image watermark and meme maker.


3Advanced Meme Maker

Advanced Meme Maker comes with responsive design,very advanced meme generator, viral features, social networking features, advertisement support, powerful admin panel, easy translation support, comes with easy installer and much more.


2Mouse Media Script

Mouse Media Script provide you a quick and easy way to create an viral media site (with brief-popular named “gag-site”). With this awesome media script, you can build your viral media gag site in under 1 minute.



Rocketeer is a viral media script that will allow your users to create polls, quizzes, upload images, share videos, & create memes. Rocketeer has many awesome features like user management, social media integration, Ads ready, full responsive, spam protection and many more.


Here are Some Bonus Script Links:


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