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More and more people started using notification bars on their WordPress blogs. Notification bar is a great way to notify your readers about different things like news, announcements or subscription options. Not only help readers stay informed, but these plugins also help blog owners reach a certain goal they set. Bloggers increase their affiliate sales with these notification bar.

Notification bars is better than Popups, which can be more intrusive to visitors. You can also use these bars for giving free gift to your visitors like free e-book, PLR product, premium service etc. Notification bars highly attractive , fully customizable and easy to use.

Check Out These Best Notification Bar WordPress Plugins

WP Notification Bars [FREE]


WP Notification Bars is a free WordPress plugin from MyThemeShop that allows you to add lightweight, responsive notification bars to your website pages, with unlimited colors, custom code, calls to action and fixed/floating support, so you have complete control over how they display.

WP Notification bars by MyThemeShop also available in pro version. SO you get more features and more control.




InfoBar is a notification bar plugin for WordPress will help you to achieve any of these goals. With Infobar plugin, You can easily Grab visitors attention and let them know about your best offers and deals you are running and promote your product.

You can Display different notification on various other pages and manage all these action from WordPress backend. Additionally one can also collect leads, integrate email marketing, can custom HTML option and can change the notification icons and colors.


Foobar is nice plugin to display notification bar.  This plugin is fully compatible with latest version of wordpress. Some other features are

  • Unlimited footers
  • Different Foobar per page
  • Social profiles
  • Fully customizable
  • Show latest tweets
  • RSS feed integration

Hello Bar Plugin [FREE]

HelloBar notification
HelloBar notification

Hello bar is one of the best notification bar plugin. It was also one of the first notification bar available.Hello bar is not only limited to wordpress, you can also use this plugin with other platform also. You can easily direct your visitors to your most important content. Some of the best features of hello bar are as follows

  • Fully customize look with lots of color combination
  • Effective A/B testing
  • RSS & Twitter Feeds
  • Statistics


ConvertPlugin is a very powerful WordPress Lead generation Optin plugin. This plugin have awesome features. You can easily customize everything with this plugin. With Convertplug wordpess plugin, You can easily add good looking and powerfull popup as well as notification bar.

Wp Header Bar

Wp header bar is a simple attention grabbing plugin,customizable responsive bar retain at the top your wordpress website.You can use wp header bar as a call to action to read your popular post,subscribe to your newsletter,special offers etc.You can also do A/B/C split testing with this plugin. Some other features are

  • Create unlimited notification bar
  • Page level Targeting
  • Schedule your bar display
  • 360 degree analytic report
  • Add social icons


Superbar is very powerful wordpress notification bar plugin. This plugin has lots of features to add responsive notification bar in your wordpress blog.

Notification Bar Plugin

Notification Bar Plugin Allows you to add a cool notify bar to your WordPress website. This plugins gives you an additional extended message feature which you can control by settings in the backend.

Easy Heads Up Bar [FREE]

This plugin adds an easy to use wordpress notification bar at the top of your website with a link to call to action.Easy head up bar is easy to customize and maintain.You can use this notification to show your special offers,post,landing pages etc.

WordPress Notification Bar [FREE]

WordPress notification bar is a quick, easy to customize and call to action for your website.You can use this plugin to give extra boost to popular post, special offer etc.

WPFront Notification Bar [FREE]

WPFront Notification Bar wordpress plugin help you to easily create a bar on top or bottom to display a notification. This plugin have features like position top or bottom, Display on Scroll option, Set any height you want, Set the number of seconds before auto close and many more.


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