alexaAlexa is a web information company and maintains ranking data according to website performance. Performance factors include various things like a blog posting, traffic, reviews etc. These performance factors decide your website overall global and local rankings. Alexa global ranking means popularity of a site from all over the World, and the local Alexa ranking means the popularity of site from the country from which the domain is being registered. Alexa rank is very improratnt thing for every web developers and bloggers. This is the first thing which an advertiser or buyer considers when he tries to purchase an ad space on your site. Some profesional blogger publishes post daily on their site to increase alexa rank, while other profesional bloggers tries to increase traffic to improve alexa rank.

But we think these are the old and less effective seo methods and take a lot of time to increase alexa rank of a site. So today we are exploring a new Super Fast trick to increase alexa rank Imediatly with a hope that you all will find it valuable.

How Alexa Decides Rank of A Site?

There are several factors exists, on which alexa ranks completely relay:
1) Traffic from the users who are using alexa toolbar.
2) Daily Blog posting.
3) Alexa Review Post.

I know many of you already tried all of the above methods to increase your alexa rank, but that methods didn’t helped you much. If you didn’t tried any of the above method than don’t even think about them, they take a lot of time to improve your alexa rank.

Required Things:

1) Security Kiss VPN.
2) Browsers with alexa toolbar installed.

What is security kiss VPN and How to use?

First You need to know What is SecurityKiss and how to use it. and From where we can Download This. TRiX HUB previous publish Full Tutorial about SecurityKiss. You can read by Clicking Here

Now Lets Start  To Increase Alexa Rankings by Super fast Trick:

1) First of all install alexa toolbar to all  your browsers (firefox, chrome, safari etc). To install alexa toolbar Click Here
2) Now follow this link to download security kiss vpn. And install it on your system.
3) Start SecurityKiss. And Connect with any Gateway.

4) Now open your browser on which you had installed alexa toolbar. If you had installed alexa toolbar on multiple browsers, then open each of them, And paste this url in your browser’s url bar:

Now Change to your web address.

Once you had done, you will see that the webpage is reloading in every 5 seconds interval. Leave the browser for 20-25 minutes in the same state and after that check your website states you will see that you had got hundreds of page views from alexa installed browsers. And as we stated earlier that alexa rank is completely depends on the traffic coming with alexa installed browsers, so chances of improvement in alexa rank will be on the peak.

For better results, change your IP address from security kiss after 5-10 minutes. And apply the same Trick to increase alexa rank every day to see a sudden improvement in your alexa rank. If you had done everything as I suggested, then just wait for the next alexa rank update which usually takes 2 days. Finally some last words, the above mentioned Alexa trick is somewhat blackish, so kindly don’t use it excessively because a famous English proverb says “Greed is vice”.


Hey, This is Abhay, A Pro Blogger and a Affiliate Marketer. Here in TRiXHUB i Write about Blogging, Wordpress, Internet Tricks, Technology, Make Money Online articles. I’m also running many other successful sites on different niche.


  1. I was under the impression that back links were the best way to improve your rating. I never thought about guest posts nor how the content may be just or more important. Thank you for forfeiting a date to help all of us.

  2. Nice comment.

    You can visit and now after visiting that check it in Alexa.

    I also implemented the same way you described and found that it increased the rankings.

    It affected 1,00,000 + ranks suddenly by implementing the techniques.


    thanks for the post!


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