content marketing tools
content marketing tools

IF you are a content writer, then you need to use content marketing tools to engage more traffic. The idea of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by creating and curating relevant and valuable content. Here in this Post I have selected some best Content marketing tools to use this year.

List Of Best Content Marketing Tools

#1. Evernote

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. did you know you can use it to record audio and turn it into text? Yes, that’s right – and it’s free to use.

#2. LongTail Pro

LongTailPro Is One Of The Most Popular Desktop SEO Tool For Keyword Research. This Tool Runs On Both Windows And Mac. Finding Right Keywords That Generate Good Organic Traffic Are The Most Difficult Task. With LongTailPro, You Can Easily Search Good Keywords, Niche Research, Competitive Keywords.

#3. SEMRush

SEMRush is best keyword research tool. Not only are you able to check your own keywords, you can gain insights into the terms your competitors are currently optimizing around. With the help of their platform, you can perform competitive analysis and determine the highest potential keywords in one easy swoop.

#4. Blog Post Ideas

There are many blog title generators out there, ContentForest’s Title Tool is an excellent Website Marketing Tool for finding Creative Marketing Ideas. All you need to do is add a keyword, and it will suggest relevant and engaging topics to match.

#5. FocusBooster

Productivity and focus are immensely important aspects of creating effective content, which is why everyone needs at least one or more content marketing tools to help them buckle down when necessary.

FocusBooster is a free app that relies on the Pomodoro technique, which is based on 25-minute sessions of working. While you can adjust your focus periods, the point of these content marketing tools is to help you develop periods of intense focus with intermittent breaks.

#6. SEOPressor

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is The Process Of Improving The Visibility Of A Website Or A Web Page In Search Engines. On Page Optimization Is Very Important For website owners. SEOPressor wordpress Plugin Is Best On Page Optimization WordPress Plugin. SEOPressor Is All In One And Truly The Most Powerful WordPress SEO Plugin Even Built. SEOPressor Has Many Features That Will Help You Optimize All Of Your Posts And Rank Your Site Well In SERP Without Fearing A Penalty From Google.

#7. TriveLeads

Thrive Leads Is One Of The Most Popular List Building WordPress Plugin. This List building wordpress plugin help you to gain users on your site by colleting email ids. So you can promote your content through sending email to your users.

#8. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the easiest and best email marketing platforms to use to market your content to your email list. Don’t have an email list? The exclusive content your business will create and distribute using this platform will help fuel new subscribers to your email list.

#9. Word2CleanHTML

Many experienced content marketers prefer drafting their articles in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and for good reason. The spelling and grammar check capacities on many major content management systems (CMS) exist, However, it’s rare to get a clean copy and paste off a word document.

So Using tools like Word2CleanHTMLis good.

#10. Optimizely

It’s easy to make the plunge into A/B testing your content with Optimizely, which is one of the most straightforward platforms for testing on-page elements. You can optimize your headlines, calls-to-action, and much more – and it even integrates with WordPress!

If you’ve been scared to begin conducting marketing experiments, it offers a fantastic introduction to this invaluable practice.

#11. Prezi

It’s easy – and free – to create engaging, interactive presentations in this program, even if your graphic design skills are minimal at best. While some templates and functionalities are paid, you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish (fast) without spending a dime.

You can promote your final product on Slideshare, or even publish it as an eBook!

#12. Storify

This is among the most well-respected and best-known tools for creating socially integrated blog posts. Adding the right Tweets to your articles is as easy as doing a search within the platform, and clicking-and-dragging your selected Tweets to embed the content right in your blog.

Most of the tool’s functionality is free, but the paid version allows you to create content on breaking stories that’s updated in real-time.

#13. Pocket

With Pocket, you can Save videos, articles and other helpful resources away to check out later. The Pocket app helps keep your favorite resources organized from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, Zite and 300+ apps. And you can check on any device laptop, tablet or mobile deivce.

#14. Remember That Milk

Manage all your tasks with this app that seamlessly integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, Evernote, Google Calendar and more. Think of this app as the to-do list reinvented.

#15. Harvest

Harvest is the time tracking tool that can help to keep your content marketing efforts on schedule with accurate and effective software to help make smarter decisions for your business. Understanding where your time is spent and on what tasks will help strengthen your content creation efforts.

Hope you like these content marketing tools to use this year. These Top Content Marketing Tools help you to Marketing Products and services.



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