Comment Policy

TRiX HUB encourage comments and always will be. We always want to publish your comments but we follow some basic rules to moderate comments.

1. Comments will be dofollow only after 10 meaningful comments. It’s a way we reward our regular commentators.

2. Comments related to post will only be accepted. off-topics or advertising a link will be rejected.

3. Comments with keywords are most likely to be rejected. We inspire to use your real or nick name.

4. Comments attacking author or other commentators will not be accepted in any circumstance.

5. We  reserve the right to modify, delete, move comments anytime for any reason.

6. We  reserve the right to change our comment policy at any time without any notification.

TRiX HUB Comment policy are only to stop spammers from spamming the blog with comments. If you genuinely want to share your opinion you don’t have to worry much, follow the rules and leave your valuable comment.