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Some Time back “Department of Telecommunication Recruitment” blocked some of the torrent and similar websites which contains copyrighted material or for any other reasons. You may surely heard about Adfly and Linkbucks shorten URL service which pays for clicking on the shorten links. But for some of the reasons they both are also blocked in India and some other countries.

Adfly and Linkbucks are shorten URL service which pays for clicking on the shorten links. But for some of the reasons they both are also blocked in India and some other countries.

Adf.ly links are banned in india. If You are also tired of this, then don’t panic. I have found some working solution to open add.fly links in India.


How to Open Adf.ly Links In India:

Method: 1-  Bypass Adf.ly

  • Open adf.ly link in browser.
  • It will not loading anything. show a blank page.
  • Add v2 before the adf.ly link. Or ad https://adfly
  • Now Press Enter.
  • Now Link Open Properly.
  • Wait 5 sec and skip Ad.
  • Now you are on landing page.

Method: 2 – Try changing your DNS server addresses.

  • Right Click On Network Icon And Click Open Network And Sharing Center

  • Click “Change Adapter Settings” (Top Left Side).
  • Now Right Click On Your Active Network Connection (WiFi, LAN, Ethernet, Etc.) And Click Om Properties.

  • Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” And Click Properties.
  • Click Use The Following DNS Server Addresses: And Add Below Server Addresses And Click OK.
  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternate DNS Server:

  • That’s it.
  • Now open your adf.ly links in your browser.

Method: 3- By Using Proxy Server

There are another option to access adf.ly or linkbucks links in india. You can try to use proxy server. Please refer to these articles:

Free Web Proxy VPN Chrome Extensions To Surf Anonymously

How To Access Blocked Websites In Google Chrome

If any problem persist, Please give me a comment.



  1. hey brother its working for me….thanks a lot… i just post 1 link on facebook with https and try to open it from different browsers and different ip addresses ….its working and responding normally..thanks a lot….plzzz tell me…are they still giving money.i mean i am using first time and its 2017…. will they pay me on time?

  2. Hello,

    I want to suggest you to use met.bz instead of adfly for links shortening, you gain a lot more!

    you can find it here: http://met.bz
    and here the payout rates: https://met.bz/payout-rates

    I am using it for a couple of months and I reached discrete amounts every time!
    It has an interesting CPM (cost per thousand views) at 9$ ! simply absurd!
    they make payments with paypal and that Bitcoin every month.

    regards and merry Christmas! 😉

  3. or just go to linkdecryptor.com and just copy and paste the adfly url and then paste the new url and there you go, you just skipped it.

  4. I have tried these options but I think I am making some mistake while opening adf.ly links as it is still not opening. Anyway thanks for the information you have shared.

  5. bro even my proxy specifically indian but i can access any adf_ly link .. all works fine

    PS – #additionally once you put “v2.”” as url prefix you dont need to add it again 🙂

  6. Sir I have a better idea why don,t use a software names security kiss tunnel which can be connected to any country which has adf.ly not banned

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