Welcome to TRiXHUB, I Appreciate for taking time to visit trixhub.com about page.

Here you will know about TRIXHUB.com and Me (Abhay Pr. Singh).

About Me: Man Behind TRiXHUB

I am Abhay Pratap Singh, Founder of This Tricks and Tips Blog TrixHub.com.  I am a professional blogger from last 4 years. I have started many blogs, some stopped for some reason and some running properly. And thinking to start a new project. I will tell about this project later to whole world. Thats now a secret.

My life become ups and down many time, But now continuing my Blogging journey. In 2013 I get success in blogging. I Earned $2337 in a Month with adsense and few affiliate program. This is the time i realized to continue blogging and never quit.

That time i also added subdomains in this. and my site Alexa rank goes 32k world wide. But in 2015 something goes wrong  in my life. So we stopped working and all the sites dead.

I am from a middle-class family and lived in small City. I completed my school life in my home town from a small school. After schooling, In 2007 i get admission in B.Tech. And 4 years i have learn many thing, enjoyed life with college friends, and done many things which will remember whole life.

I first started a blog in 2009 with free Blogspot. This time i don’t know anything about blogging But somewhere in internet i read about Blogspot to create free website. I just created a website with my name with this free google service. Because i was more interest to use Internet. I use day and night internet with my laptop and connect internet with my mobile phone Nokia 3110. Ya it was a great time for me.

But I don’t know nothing about blogging that time so i never posted any blog post. just created a single page to show my website to friends.

But After college life, My parents forced me to get a good Job in IT Company. But I always never wanted to work under someone. My dream always to be my Own BOSS and  also to be a Tycoon.

But this time I tried to get a JOB. And after trying few months, I get a job in new IT company. But that time i have also started a hacking site HackingADDA.in ( But Now this domain is registered with someone else) and with some friends i started a software company, So I quit my Job. But we fail to continue this company.

And I was frustrated for some time so i come in my home town. and from my home i started TRiXHUB.com and started working on this blog. This year was 2013. and after 4-5 months of continued working Day and Night (Worked 16 Hours a day). i get some success with this blog and started making money with Adsense and affiliate marketing. I also started some other sites in this year.

You know my biggest failure reason was my English. My English is very week, But this time improved a lot..

Now we again started working on TRiXHUB.com and I also Run a Web Development Company KewZZ Web Solutions (www.Kewzz.com)