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Google Adsense is one of the leading Advertising networks in the whole internet. Adsense provides high CPC ( Cost Per Click ) rates for Publishers to monetize their website with the best Advertisements to be served. Some of Google Adsense ‘s Publishers just got banned from their Ad Platform for unknown problems, however, it’s hard to find better competitors to Google Adsense especially for New Blogs with a small amount of Traffic. In this article, I’m writing about Best Google Adsense Alternatives that better fits with New Blogs to monetize their website’s traffic more.

List Of Top 15 Best Adsense Alternatives:

#1. RevenueHits

RevenueHits help publishers to generate more revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo-targeted Ad Serving technology.Thier innovative Performance Base (CPA) Ad Network was designed to help publishers to monetize online assets. RevenueHits is owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd – a privately-held, Israeli-based company founded in 2008 by a team of experienced tech professionals, finance experts and successful online marketers.

RevenueHits accept mostly all sites with high as well as low traffic. But They don’t allow adult sites. RevenueHits is best google Adsense alternative. This is the reason, we added RevenueHits in top of our AdSense alternative list.

Revenue Type: CPM / CPC / PopUp/ Under / Text Ads
Minimum Payment: $20
Payment Methods: PaypalPayoneer / Wire

#2. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a Flat rate ad platform and Marketplace which connects bloggers to Advertisers to increase their profits. To make your website get approved and accept in BuySellAds is very hard since they use some hard traffic Factors like: No New blogs, high traffic, high Pagerank (Above PR3), high Alexa Rank (below 100.000) , etc… It’s the 2nd best Adsense alternative.
Revenue Type: Monthly Flat Rate / CPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check

#3. Infolinks

Infolinks is an in-Text advertising company. Infolinks’ ad tags doesn’t take any ad placement and doesn’t affect your Google Adsense revenue, which really makes it in the top of Google Adsense Alternatives. Infolinks provide in text advertising with a great eCPM rates. Infolinks accept any website with small traffic.
Revenue Type: in-Text CPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Wire / Payoneer

#4. Adonly

Adonly Is The Good, Simple And Easy To Use Advertising Ad Network. This Ad Network Helps Website Owners Make Use Of Any Position To Sell Ads, Especially Those That Will Be Hard To Sell Directly To Maximize Their Profit. Adonly Support Many Payment Options And Pay 3 Times A Monthly In Date 10, 20 And 30. And The Minnimum Payout Is $10.

Revenue Type: CPC / CPM / Popups
Minimum Payment: $10
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire


Qadabra was AdsGadget in the past. Qadabra is a very nice Self-serve Ad Platform which enables great eCPM rates and I think this would be the Best Adsense Alternative. Qadabra or Adsgadget provides a very easy to use Interface, after signing-up and adding the Ad Tags, the Banner Ads should be running in no time and your earnings should increase very fast. Qadabra accepts any website with any amount of traffic, even new & low traffic blogs. Read Qadabra Review

Revenue Type: CPC, CPM, Revenue Share
Minimum Payment: $20 for Payoneer / 1$ for Paypal
Payment Methods: Paypal / Wire / Payoneer / MasterCard

#6. Chitika

Chitika is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense, Chitika enables Mobile Advertising which helps you increase earnings from your mobile traffic. Chitika is based on CPC and also provides In-Text ads. Chitika accepts only blogs that drives good amount of traffic (over 100 visitors daily )
Revenue Type: CPC / In-Text / Mobile ads
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check

#7. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an online advertising platform that presents a Unique way of advertising. Bidvertiser is an advertising system mixed with a bid system, the bidding system gives the publishers the possibility to earn more money from their ad slots.
Revenue Type: CPC / eBay Ads / Popups
Minimum Payment: $10 (Paypal) / 100$ (Check) / Wire (500$)
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire

#8. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is running one of the best and fast-growing ad platforms ever. Propeller Ads gives the opportunity to publishers to increase their Website’s daily earnings with a nice and high CPM Rates.
Propeller Ads doesn’t accept any blogs but it accepts Nice Themed websites, content rich blogs, high Alexa ranking (below 400K), better google page rank (above PR1)… It’s not very hard to get into Propeller Ads and get Approved.
Revenue Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Methods: PaypalePayments/ Payoneer/ Wire

#9. YesAdvertising

YesAdvertising provides a data-driven environment for advertisers to promote their products or services in the most effective method possible. By leveraging big data to optimize your campaign, Thier system tracks specific actions that have been taken by visitors once they have engaged with an ad, bringing a complete picture of your ad’s performance.

Revenue Type: CPM / Slider/ PopUnder
Minimum Payment: $10
Payment Methods: Paypal

#10. AdEngage

AdEngage is an online advertising network that allows advertisers to buy ads, and publishers, website owners to sell advertising space on their sites. Since 2004, the company has served over 1.2 trillion ads and paid millions in publisher payments. Advertisers benefit by being able to target consumers with relevant text, PhoText, banner and rich media ads at scale.

Revenue Type: Buy Sell Ads
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Methods: Paypal

#11ContextWeb (PulsePoint)

ContextWeb also known as PulsePoint, is a great CPM Ad Network and great Alternative to Google Adsense that enables good ad types. The problem with ContextWeb is that they don’t provide high fill rates ( 50% ) but if you have a good website with high traffic that fill rate will be nice to you. ContextWeb accepts any website including new blogs with low traffic.

Revenue Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire


eDomz is a great network for both advertisers and publishers. EDomz – more than 8 years in service – is an online marketing and advertising company that enables direct contact between marketers and website owners in the purpose to maximize their profits from advertising.

Revenue Type: CPC / PPV
Minimum Payment: $10
Payment Methods: Paypal / MoneyBookers / Payza

#13. is an industry-leading technology company that develops innovative digital advertising products for both publishers and advertisers.They have over 500 employees in key operation centers across – New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Zurich, Mumbai & Bangalore. powers the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program. It’s the good alternative of Google Adsense.

Revenue Type: CPC / CPM
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Methods: Paypal / Wire

#14Lijit (Now Sovrn)

Sovrn ad network previous knows for Lijit, It is a Less known ad network than other companies. Sovrn gives the ability to publishers to track their earnings with advanced reports tools to maximize their revenue from worldwide traffic.
Revenue Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: $25
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire


Clicksor is an Ad network that provides Inline Text links, text banners, popunders, Graphical banners, interstitial ads, etc… Those type of ads made the choice to advertisers to choose great and large variety of Advertising options. For publishers, Clicksor seems to be one of the best Ad Networks that makes more money with their Ad Types.

Revenue Type: Inline Text Links, Text Banners, Graphical Banner, Pop-Unders, Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Bank Wire Transfer


CPM Ad network 12 years of service since 2001. Providing high-quality Advertising platform for Entertainment and Technology based websites. CPMStar is a CPM and CPC based network that helps advertisers to drive more traffic and increase their ROI and publishers to monetize their Entertainment traffic.
Revenue Type: CPC – CPM
Minimum Payment: $1
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check

#17. Adversal

Adversal is an ad network providing pop under and banners advertising for advertisers. They have high quality publishers mostly from the two countries US and UK. Adversal is a good option for those who are looking to monetize their site as they accept worldwide traffic.

For Joining Adversal you have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month on your site.

Revenue Type: CPC / CPM / Popups
Minimum Payment: $20
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire

Hope you like these google Adsense alternatives. If your blog is not approved on google Adsense then you can signup any of these Google Adsense Alternatives and make money Online from your blog. This way you can Make Money From Home easily.


Hey, This is Abhay, A Pro Blogger and a Affiliate Marketer. Here in TRiXHUB i Write about Blogging, Wordpress, Internet Tricks, Technology, Make Money Online articles. I’m also running many other successful sites on different niche.


  1. Sisterads is paying $20 eCPM i think currently this is good paying network. I am using it for last 3 months, it’s payment cycle NET-7 If you like pop-up ads you should try it. it`s good network for publishers average eCPM rate $10-15 and not below $5. Website:

  2. Thanks for sharing with us!
    A very good adsense alternative is MarketAds. They have really good rates for both big and small publishers as long as your traffic is natural.

  3. Hi,
    This is the most convincing adsense alternatives list but i don’t thing so the all ads network you mentions here will work for all niche blogs/website and all countries traffic. Adsense is whale in advertising and publishing networks and covers many topics and countries.Many of these alterantives may not work good enough for specific country or specific niche.

    I have also created a list of Topic/Niche wise and country-wise adsense alternative at and i would like to know your thoughts on my adsense alternative listing.


  4. Actually, I have tried all of them as Google Alternatives. But The truth is that no one compete with Adsense at all. For smaller blogs I would advise about:
    Amazon Display ads : one of LOW CPM ad network.
    Bidvertisor and Clicksor: serve low-quality ads, so your site may be flagged as malicious.
    Viglink, Skimlinks, Infolinks, Chitika: Low rates. Infolinks makes blogs look too busy when they use the inframe and infold ads.

    RevenueHits is a SPAM ad networks. You can check it’s reputation on the internet.

    Adversal, Adsoptimal, Media[.]net are still BEST high paying Google Adsense alternatives for our blog. They have better designs, which provides better result next to AdSense.

    From my experience, I would like to say, don’t limit yourself to any one AD NETWORK. Try other ad networks and see which one work the best with your micro-niche blog. Since you are trying micro-niche blog, try monetizing with affiliate products. I would recommend to you & for others to try more network, and figure out which one is working best for their blog type…

  5. If you are looking for the best results on CPA CPC CPL and CPM campaigns, I recommend Increase your revenue and get worldwide reach!

  6. Hello Abhay,

    my adsense account is not approved and i also don’t know the reason behind that. but due to this post i try chitika. this is very good adsense alternatives.

  7. Hello admin,
    Thanks for your valuable post. Nice information and One of the best articles about Google Adsense Alternatives.

    Best Regards,

  8. Great Sharing.. Thanks to show a way to beginners to start earning.
    as i have applied for google adsense many times and every time he denied to approve..

    The only thing i must ask which adsene alternative i can opt when my blog is only few months old and nearly 100 of articles.

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