Everyone using Facebook for chatting with friends, entertainment, playing games. And I think Everybody of us wants to maintain a certain level of privacy even while we are chatting with friends or playing online games. So Here in this post i am going to tell  you How to Disable Facebook Chat for selected friends and some other privacy for Facebook Chat Room.

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How To Turn Off or On Facebook Chat For Selected Friends

#1. Go to chat window at the right side of your Facebook window.

#2. Now Click on “Options” (Gear icon) and Select “Advanced Settings…”

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Turn Off facebook chat

#3. You will see a popup window. see snapshot.

fb chat1

#4. Here you can get the options for,

  • Turn on chat for all friends except…
  • Turn on chat for only some friends…
  • Turn off chat

With first option you can turn off chat for some selected friends.

With option 2nd you can Turn Facebook Chat On only for some selected friends.

With option 3rd you can Turn Off Facebook Chat Sidebar for all your friends.

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