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Day by day Facebook users increasing. Users making friends and interact with them through Facebook. Peoples love to increase their friends list. These days many users also want to interact to unknown peoples and make friends.

Facebook allow users to increase their friend list upto 5000 peoples. you can’t make friends above 5000 on facebook.

Facebook Notifies you when you send friend request to someone and they accept it. Facebook also notifies you if you get any new Friend request from others but 1 thing that facebook don’t do is that you will not be able to see Who Unfriend you on facebook.

But Now you can see who unfriend you on Facebook. Yes Thats true, after reading this guide you will be able to see who unfriended you on Facebook.

facebook Unfriend

How to Receive Notification (Step By Step Guide)

To enable this feature you need to install a browser extension Facebook Notify. Follow Bellow steps.

  • First you install Faebook Notify for Facebook extension on Chrome Browser.
  • After successfully extension installation, Go to Your Facebook Profile.
  • Now Click on Friends List. You will see a new tab with name “Lost Friends” added there.
  • Click on This tab to see who unfriended you.

Thats it. hope you liked this guide. Now you can get Unfriend Facebook Notification. Share this facebook trick to your all facebook friends. Also Check Out These Facebook Tricks and Secrets.

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