Hi Today i tell you to make money with Qadabra. A best adsense alternative program. We all know that Google adsense is the best PPC (Pay per Click) advertizing network. But google adsense very strict to its policy. Many Bloggers disappoved many time by google adsense. We aslo tried 4 times. After that we get google adsense approved account. Your adsense account disapproved by google Then you can use adsense alternative to make money from your blog. In Previous we have Published a post Top Best PPC Advertising Networks. But here we come with another adsense alternative program Qadabra. Qadabra is a self-serve ad platform created explicitly for publishers looking to monetize their website traffic by earning revenue through performance-based advertising.

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Best CPM Advertising Networks

How to Make Huge Money Online Without Investing AnythingQadabra

In this post we are discussing about the newly launched website named Qadabra. If your website is new  to world and receives only less or normal amount of traffic which does not meet the requirements of Google adsense ,then you must use Qadabra for monetization of your blog. Qadabra is a hybrid of payment models like CPM (cost per mile or thousand), PPC (Pay per click), CPA (cost per action) and has a good amount of advertisers which are increasing day by day and the ads are random which must attracts the visitors mind.

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Why You Choose Qadabra:

Qadabra is a fast growing CPM based ads network and best Adsense alternative. They have plenty of advertisers from all countries including from India. The most and best important thing of Qadabra is we don’t want to wait for approval,within few minutes after registration you can able to see ads on your blog which quiet interesting to all.The minimum payout is only $1 and that’s why i highly recommend this network for monetization.Their caption says ads revenue like a magic and it’s very simple. They have a simple and effective interface, very easy to use and insert ad codes in almost every blogging platforms including Blogger and WordPress,Joomla,Drupal etc.They have good customer support.

Features of Qadabra:

  1. It has Low payout; $1 is the payment threshold.
  2. It pays for CPM, PPC and CPA.
  3. All countries allowed in this ads network.
  4. Easy user interface to create ads unit.
  5. Variety of ads sizes and supports to create custom size ad units as well.
  6. You can track the ads performance by logging in the dashboard under the reports section in the home page.

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