If you want to increase popularity of your blog then the first thing that you will do in Facebook is, you will create a page with your blog name.The next thing you want from Facebook friend is to like your page.But how people will know about your page and blog?The answer is you need to invite your Facebook friends to like your page.But if you are having more than 2 thousand friends then it is very boring for you to select all friends one by one and invite them to like the page.Who is having that much time as you have other stuff to do.So, what is the smartest way to do it?


This is one of the limitation of Facebook.Because Facebook should have such kind of option to select all friends simultaneously.May be they are looking for the solution of it.But you can do it.

I invite all my friends just by one click.I am describing the who process below:

1. To invite all your friends to like your page just by one click you must need to use Google Chrome.If you are not having Google Chrome browser installed in your PC then just CLICK HERE to download and install it.This is very simple.

2. After downloading and installing Google Chrome the next thing you will download google crome extension “Facebook All Friends Pro”. Now enable this extension in your Google Chrome browser.After enabling this you will get an icon in the corner of browser:


3.Now “log in” to your Facebook account and will go to your fan page.Then in the upper portion of your page you will get one option “Build Audience”. Click on this tab and in the drop down you will get invite friends.

4.After clicking on ‘Invite Friends” you will get all the friends list and now click on the “Chrome Facebook Extension”. After clicking all the friends will get selected.

Note: Please do not forget to scroll down the friend list.You must need to scroll down up to the last friend.Otherwise all the friends will not get selected.

Hope you will be able to invite all your friends just by one click.

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