I have seen many cases on Facebook in which some person create a fake Facebook account of some innocent person and use these fake profiles for abusing talks. Seeing your fake profile on Facebook sometimes create a trouble for you. And the condition goes worse if the fake profile does abusive talks and spread rumors. Most of the person use the same name even the same profile pic to create a fake profile. This makes it hard to distinguish the original and fake profile.

Why Users create fake profiles?

One thing is hard to understand why people add a fake profile if they know that the person is already added in their account. May be just for Promote their business via social connection, To make negative reviews about competitors, To Take some Important Information etc. 

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How to deal with such fake Facebook profiles?

In this post i am going to write some steps which you should do if there is any of your fake profile is creating trouble for you.
First of all, visit to the fake profile on Facebook.

If the fake profile still running on old Facebook profile, then find the Report/Block link on the left sidebar of the page. If the person is using the timeline profile, then click on the gear icon which is just at the right side of message. See the snap.
Then report this profile as fake.
But reporting a fake profile does not guarantee that the profile will be deleted. So request your friends to report this profile as fake. Try to request more and more friends to report this profile. The more this profile will get report, the sooner it will be deleted by Facebook.

After reporting, you can also send an email to the email id login@facebook.com which is the official Facebook email. Request for deleting this fake profile and also give full detail by showing that you are the original person and the profile you are reporting is fake.
Here is the Info Graphic which explains about Fake Facebook profiles.

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