Facebook is top social networking website. Everyone uses facebook to get connected with everyone. Just 1 year ago Facebook introduced the new feature for Facebook chat and that feature is showing ‘seen’ and ‘typing’ pop-up notification for your friends.While chatting one Facebook via Desktop or Mobile if you view their message then they will instantly get a ‘seen’ notification that confirms them that you have seen that message.With this while you typing or replying for them they will get a notification like “xyz is typing”.

This  feature was introduced first by Whatsapp messenger and then Facebook also enabled this feature. This one is helpful when we get notification and sometime will be awkward when our friends will get these notifications.!!

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By default Facebook is not given any feature for disabling this feature. But we have a solution to disable this feature by interrupting the API which sends these notification. This can be easily done with one Google Chrome browser extension. Facebook Unseen extension will interrupt that API from sending notifications for your friend and you can read their messages without getting caught!

Download Facebook Unseen Crome Extension 

This is a Google Chrome browser extension and it is available for free in Google Web Store. There is no settings are required for this extension. When this Extension button is Blue that means this extension is enable and when it is not blue then it is disabled. You can disable or enable this extension by single clicks on button.

You can also do some simple customization for this extension like hiding only ‘Typing’ notification or hiding only ‘seen’ notification or hiding both of them. You can access this settings page by Right Click on Extension button and then Option from the menu.

Use this Free Google chrome extension to improve your privacy and keep your friends happy even you ignored their messages on Facebook..!

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